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Create a CDN Zone with Object Storage

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

1. In order to create a CDN zone with object storage, you need to create a bucket first.

2. For bucket creation, expand the Object Storage section from the left hand menu. This reveals a list of options.

3. From the options list, select Bucket List. This opens the bucket list section in Object Storage.

4. To create a new bucket, click the Create new bucket button from the top right corner. Doing so takes you to the ‘Create new bucket’ screen.

5. Here, you can create a private or CDN object storage bucket. The type can be selected by marking the corresponding radio button.

6. In case you want to keep the storage private, select Private.

7. If you want to keep the access public (for instance, video files publicly accessible), select CDN. This reveals the Bucket Name and Default Index Files fields.

8. Enter the bucket name in the unique bucket name field.

9. The default index files field has index.html already populated in it.

10. Once the fields are filled, click the Create new bucket button. This creates the object storage bucket.

11. The created bucket appears in the bucket list along with the relevant details displayed via a number of columns that include Name, Size, Objects, All, Updated, and Actions.

12. Now that the object storage bucket is created, let us move on to the CDN zone creation. For that, open the Anycast CDN section from the left hand menu and select CDN zone list.

13. From here, click the Create new CDN zone button. This takes you to the create CDN zone screen.

14. From the CDN zone types, select ‘From object storage’. This reveals the object storage bucket dropdown and CDN zone name field.

15. The object storage we created is auto-populated in the object storage bucket dropdown.

16. Enter the name of the CDN zone in the CDN zone name field.

17. Once the fields are filled, click the Create CDN zone button.

18. The created CDN zone starts appearing in the CDN zones list.