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How to Add Custom Domains?

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

BlazingCDN Portal > Anycast CDN > CDN Zone List

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the CDN Zone List.

2. Select a CDN zone by clicking the CDN zone name.

3. From the CDN zone screen, open the Custom Domains section.

4. From this section, click the Add custom domains. This reveals the Domain name field.

5. Enter the domain name in the Domain name field. Make sure that the domain name entered here does not exist already in the CDN zone list.

6. Click the Add domains button.

7. The added domain starts appearing in the Custom Domains list with its Name, SSL Certificate, and Expiration Date displayed in the corresponding columns.

8. You can also enable Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate for the added custom domain by clicking the Lets Encrypt icon under the SSL Certificate column.

9. Once clicked, it goes to processing. You can click again there to cancel the processing request.

10. Once the custom domain is added, you can use it instead of the default domain.