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Manage IP address with BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

BlazingCDN offers comprehensive CDN and DNS services for your project. Of course, it is essential to have an impact on basic resources and data. One of them is the IP protocol. What exactly is he?

IP is a protocol that is permanently assigned to a given device. We have quite a few variants here. IP can include the network (as a whole), a computer, and other end devices, such as a telephone, smart devices, a camera, or a scanner. Changing the IP address is possible in a situation where the network reconnects.

The IP is usually stored in the decimal system. There are also hexadecimal or binary variants. The protocol has a 32-bit record, thanks to which mutual identification takes place on the device – server/network line. There are currently several variants of IP: IPv4, IPv5, and Ipv6 – due to the limited number of addresses, the pool of which has become exhausted over time.

Example IP address:

Within the services in BlazingCDN, several code actions can be performed to manage IP. We have, among others, access to:

  • An instance of IP addresses
  • The function of assigning IP addresses to the cloud server
  • Function for obtaining a list of assigned IP addresses
  • IP address release function
  • Function showing the assigned IP address data

The exact data can be found in the BlazingCDN API available at this link