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Test a Created CDN Zone

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

BlazingCDN Portal > Anycast CDN > CDN Zone List

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the CDN Zone List.

2. Select a CDN zone by clicking the CDN zone name.

3. From the Preferences screen, copy the Origin server name.

4. Once copied, paste the domain name into a new tab and click Enter. If the website opens, it means the origin is working properly.

5. Navigate to an image on the website and right-click.

6. From the menu that appears, click Copy Image Address.

7. Paste the copied image address in a new tab. This displays the preview of the selected image.

8. Now, navigate back to the Preferences screen in BlazingCDN.

9. Here, click the COPY button next to the Your CDN System Domain section.

10. Once copied, paste it to the address where the copied image address is pasted. Use the system domain to replace the image address with ‘.com’.

11. If the pasted system domain opens the same image, it means that the created CDN zone is configured properly.