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VAT in European Union

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

The VAT settlement applies only to natural and legal persons who settle accounts in the European Union. BlazingCDN is registered in Poland and subject to Community regulations. According to the European Council Directive No. 2006/112 / EC provisions, as a service provider, we are obliged to charge value-added tax (VAT).

The VAT amount is sent to the country where you are a resident.

In most cases, there is reverse VAT for business, and the invoice is 0 VAT. In the case of natural persons’ settlements, settle the service according to the one applicable in the country of residence. For Poland, the rate is 23%, and there is no difference between VAT rates for companies and natural persons.

To properly settle the service, please contact the accounting department or our customer service. More information can be found on the following page.