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Wasabi CDN Integration

Written by BlazingCDN

Written by BlazingCDN

December 26, 2022

Create a bucket in Wasabi

1. In order to integrate Wasabi to BlazingCDN, you need to create an account on Wasabi CDN.

2. Once you have created an account, move on to create a bucket in Wasabi.

3. For that, click the Bucket button from the left-hand menu in the Wasabi portal.

4. From the Buckets screen, click the Create bucket button.

5. This opens the Create Bucket popup.

6. Here, use the Select Bucket Name to enter the name of the bucket.

7. Select your region using the Region dropdown.

8. Once the selections are made, click the Next button.

9. This takes you to the Set Properties section. Here, you can enable Bucket Versioning, Bucket Logging, and Object Locking by clicking the corresponding toggle button.

10. Once the selections are made, click the Next button. Doing so takes you to the Review screen.

11. On the Review screen, all the selections you made are populated.

12. To create the bucket, click the Create bucket button. This creates the object storage bucket.

13. The created bucket appears in the Bucket List with a success message that it has been created successfully.

Create CDN Zone for Wasabi

1. From the File Details section, copy the link displayed under the Link to File heading.

2. Select HTTPS:// from the radio buttons.

3. Paste the copied link in the Origin server field while creating a CDN zone in BlazingCDN. This would keep the link as the origin for created CDN.

4. Remove HTTPS:// from the link you have copied.

5. Once pasted, click the Create CDN zone button.

6. This completes the workflow for wasabi integration with BlazingCDN. The created CDN zone is displayed in the CDN list.

Upload Files to Wasabi bucket

1. Once you have created the bucket, you need to add a file to that bucket.

2. For that, select the bucket by clicking the Bucket Name from the Bucket List screen.

3. From the bucket detail screen, click the UPLOAD FILES button.

4. From the Upload Files popup, you can both drag and drop the files you want to place or browse from system storage.

5. Once the file is selected, click the START UPLOAD button for Wasabi to start uploading the selected file into the bucket.

6. The selected file starts appearing as an object in the bucket details screen tabulated via a number of columns that include Name, Type, Last Modified, and Size.

7. Now, clicking the object name reveals the file details section on the right.

8. In the File Details section, you can see the link to your file under the Link to File heading.